Quick Professional Service, Reasonable prices, warranty work. i have used their services for over 30 years for both Personal & Professional Services as a Texas Licensed Real Estate Agent. They're a Company you can count on. -  Anita St-Julien

Used Ballard's to complete the termite inspection on the home we are buying, and they were fantastic. They had been recommended by several people, and lived up to their reputation. Very reasonably priced. They took the time to explain the process during the inspection, and caught a brand new termite infestation. The sellers used them to treat it, and we will continue to use them to keep our home termite free. - K M.

I was referred to Ballard's by a top producing, reputable realtor in The Woodlands and I couldn't be more thankful!!  Larry and his partner were professional, honest and a true joy to be around.  They were in and out in an hour and even stayed an extra minute or two to love on my pups!  A huge thank you to Ballard's for taking car of the zoo in my attic.  - Kelsey M.

We are very pleased with and appreciative of Ballard pest control and their service man, Ron. Since they came here some months ago, we have had no problems with any bugs or other pests in our home. In addition, when Ron, the Service man, was here, he discovered water leakage coming out of our house. This was on the far side of the house. He promptly pointed this leak out to us. Subsequently, we had that leakage investigated and it turned out there was an infestation of mold caused by some sitting water inside the house. Thanks to Ron's alert observations and his careful description and notification to us, we were able to rectify a very serious problem. That was an extraordinary service. Thank you Ballard. Thank you Ron! - Joseph S.

We had several issues we needed addressed asap!  First. I don't do roaches, and they came out in about 3 days and treated for them by spraying inside and out. Second, we had a lovely racoon who tore through our soffits and got into our attic, they put out a trap and got him out so we could have the soffits repaired. The final kicker was when they found the termites in a tree not 3 feet from my house.  We were able to do a preventative treatment, they were extremely reasonable and we definitely would recommend them! - Robin O.

Ballard's pest control did a great job addressing the rodent issue I had. I had Ron who was very professional and attentive. Ron did a complete assessment of the house, crawl space and garage and took care of all access points. Ron moved the appliances as well and found problem areas. Ron cleaned up very well afterwards and I was very satisfied with the work. I feel much more at peace that I won't have any rodents gaining access. Ron was a great man helping filling up the holes I had in my attic where rodents would get through and stay. 10/10 would recommend this service in the Greater Houston area. - Dark V

We have been using Ballard's for over 20 years. They have great service, from the office staff to the technicians and we have never had a problem with pests or critters since we've been using Ballard's. And if you are buying or selling a home, Larry Ballard, licensed termite inspector and licensed realtor, is the best for doing your Wood Destroying Insect Inspection. He has a reputation as the "Bug Whisperer". If you have any problems or potential problems, he will find them. We highly recommend them for all your pest, critter or home inspection needs. - B. Johnson

This has been the exterminating company I’ve worked with for over 30 years. There are other good companies in the community but this is the one I recommend first. To work directly with the owners, Larry and Donna and their son it is not like most businesses today when you have to press a button to get to customer service or just talk to a computer to get prerecorded answers, it’s like “hometown service.” When you call Ballard’s Exterminating, you will always get a real person and they will make it as easy as possible to accommodate you and your client. They’re a great company for many years. But the same service always. - Louise B

Louise B