♦ Rodents, Humane Wildlife Removal, and Exclusions ♦ 

♦ RODENTS (MICE/RATS) The first step to rodent control is identifying if indeed the culprit is a rodent.  You can first start by going into the attic and looking for tunneling in the insulation.  This is an obvious way to see if you have rodents.  Another way is to see if you have droppings. The droppings should be dark in color (if new) and almost crescent shaped. Often rodents will make a light scratching sound in the night time.  After identifying the rodent activity, call to have one of our technicians come out to do baiting.  After the rodent baiting, we recommend a rodent exclusion to prevent the rodents any entry to your home whatsoever.

Rat’s body oil on attic A/C duct



♦ ANIMALS (RACCOONS/POSSUMS/SQUIRRELS)  In the greater Houston area is most often needed when the invasion of a raccoon, possum, squirrel or other occasional invader come into your home.  Often the invasion of these critters are held during the colder months of the year, simply because they are looking for shelter and also look for a place to raise their young.  The best method of removing this wildlife from your home is trapping 619roofing.com.  After all the critters are humanely removed and placed back into the wild, we recommend an exclusion to prevent the animals from re-entering the home.  followed up by sealing the entry points.

Raccoon Hiding In Attic
Raccoon Droppings






Opossum Trapping











♦ EXCLUSION (SEALING OF A HOME)  An exclusion is the process in which the entry hole(s) used for access into a home by a critter is sealed.  Exclusion(s) are the final steps in the eviction of unwanted animal(s).  Exclusions are highly recommended so the critter does not do any damage, typically inside the attic, such as to the homes wiring or pipes.
Roof Exclusions
Exclusion Screen
Roof Exclusions