Termite treatments are most often done by applying termiticide directly into the soil. To start a termite treatment first a trench must be made 2 inches deep by 4 inches wide. Anywhere where there is concrete against the house the concrete must be drilled every eighteen inches. after these steps the home should be prepared for injection of termiticide.


       Active Termites      Previous termite activity

                                                                  Termite tubes                                                                    Interior termite damage


Dry-wood and Formosan termites are more involved for the treatment process because they do not involve soil contact, dry-wood and Formosan termites live off of wood and house structures often without a moisture source making identifying their location complicated at times. There are quite a few ways to treat for dry-wood and Formosan termites however most effective method is fumigation. Fumigation is the procedure in which a company is contracted into tenting a house, evacuating the inhabitants and gassing the entire structure with chemicals that contain little to no residual making re-entry into the home possible after just a couple of days.


Drywood Termite                                                                  Subterranean Termite