♦ Residential and Commercial Pest Control ♦  

♦ ROACHES   Roaches are very common throughout the Houston and northern Houston area much of this is due to the whether roaches love humidity and moisture.  Roaches often live in more wooded places because they will nest in leaves, pine needles and other natural shelters.  A treatment of the inside and outside of the house is recommended every three months.  




♦ GERMAN ROACHES  German roaches are smaller roaches most often found in kitchens of both homeowners and many restaurants.  German roaches can be identified by having two parallel stripes on their bodies and are often light brown or tan sometimes even albino! A German roach is different from a regular roach because it survives much more efficiently both in terms of food and pesticidal applications. You can not use just one chemical to get rid of an infestation, a combination of  chemicals must be used. Just as important to the pesticidal application is sanitation, German roaches will eat anything from grease and grime to scraps of food and toothpaste, peachy clean austin regularly to fully eradicate the infestation by leaving no food source after a pesticide application or “clean out” has been done.

♦ SPIDERS  Spiders live in the most secluded areas you can find around your house from the corners of your ceiling to the eaves under your roof.





♦ FLEAS  A flea treatment is often needed in the summer and spring season.  Fleas start usually by invading the yard, fleas will look for a BLOOD MEAL.  The blood meal is an organism particularly a mammal such as a dog or cat to feed off of.  in coordination with the treatment the blood meal (pet) should be flea collared.  

♦ RASPBERRY/TAWNY CRAZY ANTS  Raspberry and tawny crazy ants are the arguably the fastest growing in colony sizes when it comes to outside ants they reproduce abundantly and quickly.  Large infestations can even short out electronics such as security systems.  

♦ FIRE ANTS  Fire ants are very pesky ants because they bite. When a fire ant bites you it actually injects venom into the area the fire ant bit into causing inflammation and even puss.  





♦ GHOST ANTS  Ghost ants have golden nodes on the back of their bodies and are typically large in number baiting and power-spraying with pesticides is recommended for these tedious little insects.  




♦ MOSQUITOS  Mosquitoes are one of  the most common spreaders of disease they spread West Nile virus and also the more recent Zika virus.  Mosquitoes rest on the undersides of leaves and breed their larva in standing water, the larva have a exoskeleton which makes pesticide not very effective on the larva.  Simply dump standing water out of the container in which the water rest.  For the adults a power-spray (at low pressure) or backpack misting is recommended.   

♦ WASP/HORNETS  Wasp and hornets are probably the most painful insect to encounter in the Houston area their sting is very powerful and can even cause some people to have allergic reactions from the venom injected when they sting These insects make paper nest in which they lay their eggs often in secluded areas or under eaves, they are also attracted to reflecting water such pool water.   

♦ EARWIGS  Earwigs are identified by having a pincher on their back. they often live in the soil underneath  rocks and landscaping.   



♦ SILVERFISH  Silverfish love moisture and cellulose materials these materials can be paper, cardboard etc.    




♦ HONEY BEES  Bees are very beneficial to the environment they pollinate flowers which in turn provide oxygen to us.